I’m sad to report that HMSA is sending out inaccurate and inappropriate letters to our patients.  Without our knowledge or consent, HMSA has sent letters to our patients stating they need to find new PCPs because we “no longer participate with your health center.”

That sounds scary.  

However, it is a ridiculously complex way of saying that we at Hawaii Family Health have joined a more progressive Independent Physician Association and you need to change your card to reflect this.  We have been informing our patients as they come in as it is easy to do.  Somehow, HMSA has made it more complicated and they’ve even confused their own representatives to the point where they are telling our patients we no longer participate with HMSA.
This is not true.  Please contact HMSA and change your “health center” (nobody knew what that meant) from East Hawaii IPA to Hawaii IPA.  
See, simple.  
I personally apologize to all of you for this confusion. 
We have asked HMSA to correct their confusing letter to advise patients that they do not need to change their PCP, but only the “health center” or IPA.  HMSA refuses to send out a new letter or retrain their employees to help them explain the situation more clearly to patients. 
We at Hawaii Family Health understand this is especially stressful right now, given our physician shortage on the Big Island and our current volcanic eruption.  You, our patients, do not need additional stressors.  We will do everything we can to help you ease through this transition and during this difficult time.

Local Health Insurer Shutting Down

First – Hawaii Family Health is intact and staying here!

Family Health Hawaii (yes, they stole our name!) has been ordered to liquidate – that is a fancy way of saying they are shutting down. Family Health Hawaii is a health insurance plan, not our office. 


This website has some frequently asked questions:


But the most important is: can I still see my doctor? This is complicated.  You can still see your doctor, as you are still technically insured.  However, your doctor may not get paid.  Bummer. 

It looks like they Liquidator (I didn’t even know that job title existed) will be holding all of the medical claims and then reviewing them after they are all received. Only then will they be able to determine if Family Health Hawaii will be able to afford to pay the claims and at what rate, meaning it might only be a portion of the previously agreed upon rate. 

So, your doctor may usually get $60 when you go for a visit (1-3 months later), but now your doctor won’t even know for 6-12 months (or longer) if he will get paid at all and he may get anywhere from $0-$60 for that visit. The doctor cannot charge you for this difference, but it is kind of a problem for the doctor who already put in the work and was counting on that money to pay his staff, rent and other bills. 


 What can you do?

Please make sure you are working with your employer to get new health insurance. It’s important to stay insured. 

If you have a routine appointment scheduled prior to May 6,2016 or before you get a new health insurance plan, please push it back so you have more stable insurance.

Please be understanding to the doctors who are asking you to change your appointment until after you change insurance plans. We are people too – we are in this profession because we care but this is also our employment and we too have grocery bills!

If you have an urgent issue, please contact our office. We are still your health care home and will help you!

Thank you, Hilo Heart Walkers!

Another year of the Hilo Heart and Stroke Walk was a success!  Thank you to all of the walkers and the organizers and supporters for making the Big Island a healthier place. 

Hawaii Family Health put in a good showing – with a majority of our staff and families participating in the day. 

Getting a running start.

Getting a running start.

Looking bright and fresh at the beginning!

Looking bright and fresh at the beginning!


The day was beautiful, if you don’t count the vog, which we rarely do here.

Liliuokalani Park is really pretty if there isn't some big guy and cute doggy blocking your view.

Liliuokalani Park is really pretty if there isn’t some big guy and cute doggy blocking your view.


Even the dogs put in a good showing for HFH!

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.


Most of the staff finished the walk.  We’ll find out who is missing when they don’t show up for work this week.  We’ll send out the search party and have them back by Friday. 

Finally, the end is in sight.

Finally, the end is in sight.


Thank you for all of the donations to the help the American Heart Association!

Now, rest up.  The next project is Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society on Saturday July 16, 2016.  Keep your walking shoes ready!

Join us for the Hilo Heart Walk!

We will be participating as an office in the Hilo Heart & Stroke Walk  – this Saturday, March 5 at Liliuokalani Park.  Come by for the walk between 6:30 – 11:00 AM to support healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke!

Or swing by our office anytime to provide a donation to the American Heart Association.

Here is Hawaii Family Health wearing our red dresses on National Wear Red Day (February 5) in support of women’s heart health.  Don’t we look healthy and gorgeous!

Red office

Take care of your hearts, Everyone.  You aren’t given a spare!