Broken Heart Syndrome

What do an octopus and your heart have in common? Well, sometimes they both can get stressed out. Dahhaha; ok not such a great punchline – but it is an interesting thing to think about. With the holidays coming up, I think most everyone is aware that it’s a tricky time to make healthy choices with all the sweets, and treats surrounding us. But all the festivities can also bring additional stress– with all the last minute shopping, countless potlucks you have to bring food for, and family tensions running high as everyone flies home. It’s a time of sharing happiness and love, but also it’s pretty darn hectic – and while we’re watching out for our waistlines, we need to also remember to look out for our heart in other ways too. So let’s learn a little bit more about this interesting phenomenon that can affect one of our most vital organs.   [Read more…]