I’m sad to report that HMSA is sending out inaccurate and inappropriate letters to our patients.  Without our knowledge or consent, HMSA has sent letters to our patients stating they need to find new PCPs because we “no longer participate with your health center.”

That sounds scary.  

However, it is a ridiculously complex way of saying that we at Hawaii Family Health have joined a more progressive Independent Physician Association and you need to change your card to reflect this.  We have been informing our patients as they come in as it is easy to do.  Somehow, HMSA has made it more complicated and they’ve even confused their own representatives to the point where they are telling our patients we no longer participate with HMSA.
This is not true.  Please contact HMSA and change your “health center” (nobody knew what that meant) from East Hawaii IPA to Hawaii IPA.  
See, simple.  
I personally apologize to all of you for this confusion. 
We have asked HMSA to correct their confusing letter to advise patients that they do not need to change their PCP, but only the “health center” or IPA.  HMSA refuses to send out a new letter or retrain their employees to help them explain the situation more clearly to patients. 
We at Hawaii Family Health understand this is especially stressful right now, given our physician shortage on the Big Island and our current volcanic eruption.  You, our patients, do not need additional stressors.  We will do everything we can to help you ease through this transition and during this difficult time.