We’re Moving!

Hawaii Family Health has been working hard, not just at making sure you receive the best healthcare in Hilo, but making sure all of Hilo has access to the highest quality health care around.  We been working for years to build our integrated healthcare team, currently including medicine, psychology, psychiatry, nutrition, nursing, care management and education of the next generation of healthcare providers.  And, as we have done so, we have outgrown our small office.  With the help of Koa Architects and Sun Construction, we have a new building on the way.

We’ll be moving to Ponahawai Street, near Nakao Physical Therapy when we are finally done.

Look how fancy we’ll be!

New office

Floor plan

More exam rooms, more providers to serve you!  There’s even a conference room to offer group visits and classes.  Hawaii Family Health is growing so we can make sure you get the health care you need, when you need it.




Hawaii Family Health participated in a local business competition in October.  We made a solid effort earn some extra money toward the big building we are putting up to serve you.  We placed 2nd, but are proud to say, nobody passed out from fear at speaking in front of the crowd or camera (and this was a real possibility)!

Watch the video of the competition, or just our section to see what HFH is up to and how we are changing the delivery of healthcare in Hilo.

Hawaii Family Health from 1:16-1:35.

Hawaii Family Health at 1:25:30.

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